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Custom "W" Hooks for ZGF / Wasserman

Custom Wasserman Hook

Custom "W" Hooks

Client: ZGF / Wasserman

The design team at ZGF contacted us to see if we could help them create a custom "W" hook for the beautiful new Wasserman's office they were designing in London. Designing with the same aluminum material and manufacturing process we use for our Merkled Coat Hooks, we created over 100 functional W hooks, helping them turn their idea into an exciting visual reality. 


First we took the general concept from the client, turning the "W" logo into a 3D form that could function as a hook. We moved into final production drawings and had 2 prototypes made at scale in the final aluminum thickness to determine which one would look better as a 3D object. We also determined the best place to bend for structure and softened the edges slightly.

Once final decisions were made the hooks moved into production, first getting waterjet cut, then getting a commercial grade powder coat that also mimicked a matte black anodized finish. Having already tested this material and production method with our Merkled Coat Hook line, we knew these final hooks would be high quality, strong and durable. 

Custom Wasserman Hook Custom Wasserman Hook Custom Wasserman Hook

  Custom Wasserman Hook

(Rendering and final site image by ZGF) 



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