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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panel Holocene

Custom Acoustic Panels

Client: Holocene

Merkled designed and fabricated

Merkled Studio designed and fabricated an acoustic treatment that is functional, aesthetically dynamic and memorable for the main stage room of Holocene in Portland, Oregon. The resulting buildout consisted of a 123 triangular panel puzzle of varying depths, with panels deepening towards the top where exposure to rock and roll damage is less and more acoustic batting was necessary. CNC cut from MDF for production and weight, the panels were engineered by calculating the necessary spaces for trapping sound. 11 panels were designed to be flat with angled edges in order to withstand exposure to stage activity. Merkled also designed 17 larger, more subtle flat acoustic panels to balance out the acoustics on the north, south and west walls of the large room. Each panel was designed with the potential to be removed if it gets damaged and needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Main stage size:  31' x 12'

Technical:  123 panels + 17 large flat panels, 670 sqft of acoustic treatment

Materials: cnc'd ultra lite mdf, acoustic foam, high-end acoustic fabric

Acoustic Panel Holocene Stage

Acoustic Panel Holocene Performanceperformance photo credit: tojo andrianarivo@tojofotos



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