Holocene Backroom

Holocene backroom remodel / trellis / long bar / bar + booth

Client: Holocene, Merkled designed and fabricated, client collaboration 

Merkled Studio worked closely with the client to redesign the backroom of their club and make it blend in with an already established aesthetic. The sculptural trellis system was designed to make a more intimate space that would help visually bring the vaulted ceiling down, but not encroach on the openness of the room. The design also served to bring people’s eyes into the backroom, attracting them into the space from the main room. The small bar and sound booth were designed and built at the base of the trellis to create a functional visual and social gathering space. A long bar was designed to act as both a safety railing and a drink holder, the top white portion blending with the walls of the room, while the bright green railing pops through the white of the room.